I use 'lightscribe' optical media, which gives your disks a professional touch.
All documents are treated with strict security and will never be disclosed to any third party. This is still your documents and is really only relevant to you.
I can scan your 'documents' onto a CD, or a DVD if you have a very large amount of papers. With all your info on a CD,you can use Windows built-in 'search' function to find your document and bring it up on screen in a flash. You can even print it out again if you need a temporary hard copy, or re-create the document again. I can return your documents to you with the disk, or I can 'shred' the documents, so you just end up with a CD.
What happens if you try to find something like 'my last bank statement', or 'my usual builder's phone no on his business card' - you can't as you have to sift through a pile of papers! Wouldn't it be good if you had ONE place where you could search for something, then it is automatically retrieved in an instant?
If you keep your documents, when was the last time you really looked through what you have got? I would guess that you could easily get rid of 1/3 of your papers.
All of us have paper items in our lives, bills, bank statements, flyers, leaflets, notes, pictures, advertisements etc. These 'documents' come into our lives every day, and if you don't have a method of organizing your paper trial, it can buildup into what you see to the left!
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Scan All Documents to CD/DVD
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