NOTE: DRM media can only be converted if you have the digital rights to the file, and conversion can only be done on your computer
I can convert your audio/video files from one format to another. Examples like WMV to MPG, VOB to MP4, AVI to 3GP, AAC to MP3 etc. I can also convert DVD's to various video formats too, so you can watch your favorite movies/shows on the go on your mobile using the new high capacity memory cards available today. Leave your media with me, and I will convert it and put it on a CD/DVD for you and return your original media.
You just want the audio track of a music video to put on a cd for you car stereo.
You download a video from Youtube, but it won't play in Windows Media Player.
Suppose your friend has a windows 7 phone and wants to share some music with you, he sends you some WMA files and you decide to transfer them to your ipod or walkman mobile phone. The result - it won't play them.
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Audio/Video File Conversion
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